22 September 2009

A Cake Story

This weekend was fun. Friday afternoon I got the reminder I was making the cake for Dad's birthday party on Saturday. A little miscommunication but no big deal, nothing I haven't caused before, it's nothing I won't cause again. So I begin... I can get up early on Saturday, bake it, pop in freezer and start busting out some fondant. Yank said cake out of freezer, cut, fondant up decorate and go! Sounds easy right? Yeah.

 So I get Mandy to find a couple cake mixes that will work. Got it. I get up early and start mixing. It's going well, getting the cake mixed up fine. Double check eggs and amount of water, so far so good. I turn on the oven, separate the batter and pop into oven. Timer set. I've got a couple minutes to chill while it bakes. After some boring tv and the kids still sleeping (thank you for that quiet time) I hear the buzzer. I open the oven to... smoke. What did I do? I quickly pull out the cakes to find one burnt and the other burnt on the outside but still liquid in the middle. This, dear readers, is what happens when you don't double check the temperature on the oven. I baked that poor cake at 450° for 35 mins. Not a mistake I will be making again soon.

Off to put Banana and Pieces down for a nap! Until next time.


  1. It's so great to know I'm not the only one that has happened to!