25 October 2009

PB & J

  So E decides he wants a peanut butter and jelly sammie. Pieces (or the little growth, as he is always under foot as of late) is right there beside E. Being the independent kid E is, he gets it all and makes it, under the careful eye of the little growth. Pieces, as little brothers are apt to do, decides he now wants a pb&j too. Seeing as how he just woke up, and in the 2 short years of his life he has never been hungry right after waking up from a nap, it usually takes a bit for him.

  So I argue with him, you don't want one. "Yes" he says. "Yes. Yes."
  "No, I know what's going to happen, you're going to waste it"
  I know you all know how adamant a 2yr old can be... and he was stomping and yelling and screaming about how he swore he would eat it. "Oh, need it I do daddy, like a jedi needs the force. Gimme!!!"
  I succumb to the pleadings and give in, making a pb&j to appease the Gods. I give it extra love, cut it into dino shapes, it's perfect.
  "There" I say, presenting a pb&j that should be in a museum.
   My precious son reacts in form, shaking his head and screaming no while running away. I have noone to blame but myself.
It was good though.

16 October 2009

E's Birthday!

Well, E is an old man. On Oct  4 he officially turned 8. We had a little party at his grandparents house, mostly family and a couple of friends. He had a good time! Got some really neat presents... a gross and disgusting science kit where he can make boogers, fake blood and stuff like that. 

His aunt got him 8 wooden models to put together, 4 were done that night. His parents got him a Razer scooter that he can't get enough us. 

I didn't get to bake a cake for him he saw one at Hy-Vee he wanted. There were lots of red balloons and a big Chiefs helmet balloon.

 The Chiefs balloon is still floating around right now!

Thanks to everyone who came. You made it a great day for him!

05 October 2009

Borked PC = Lazy Me

My computer is down, I've been having to use the wife's. I have taken this opportunity to take a quick blogging break and be a little lazy with the kids. I feel that now, since I am blogging, I have to do more to have something to blog about. So, while the pc is down we'll just be a little lazy and At Home Daddy will return in a while! Upcoming are pics of E's 8th birthday, watching the big trucks lay pavement, a trip to the Firestation and Red Barn Farm!